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FoundationDB Raises $17 Million Series A

Nov 11, 2013 - by Dave Rosenthal

I am pleased to announce today that FoundationDB has raised $17 million led by Sutter Hill Ventures and with additional funds from our existing angel investors and CrunchFund. This exceptional level of investment reflects the exciting things that you, our customers and users, are doing with FoundationDB, as well as confidence in what our talented team can continue to build. FoundationDB is a scalable, fault-tolerant, and high-performing NoSQL database with true ACID transactions.

If you’ve been following FoundationDB from the beginning, you know that we have been playing the long game, taking more than four years from conception to our GA release this August. A big thank you to all who participated in our Alpha and Beta programs, who come to the meetups, and who build your applications and businesses on FoundationDB. Please continue to share your FoundationDB experiences with us and with others.

What does this funding mean for you? Most important, it means that we’ll be hiring more people to serve you better and continue to push the product and community forward. It means more layers, more languages, more performance, more support, more tutorials, more meetups, and more FoundationDB. While we’re excited to be participating and competing in the fast-growing NoSQL market, this year we’re also going to show you that FoundationDB is not just another NoSQL database. Our transactional guarantees fundamentally put us ahead of the pack and allow us to deliver multiple data models side-by-side as layers. Expect some amazing new capabilities, starting with the upcoming release of our open-source ANSI SQL layer.

I can’t tell you how happy we are to bring on investors that share our vision and understand the importance of building quality software to solve real problems. Sutter Hill Ventures, Sam Pullara, and CrunchFund, welcome to FoundationDB! We think the future of databases combines scalability, data model flexibility, fault tolerance, and ACID transactions, and we look forward to building that future together.

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